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Strainers filters and sieves

Perforated metal sheets can filter, classify, sift, scrape and smooth. 

The wide range of perforations, the variety of thicknesses and metals we can work, as well as our experience, allow us to achieve made-to-measure projects, according to our customers’ requirements (depending on the material to be filtered).


A filter can be made of a flat or bended metal sheet, or it can consist of several concentric cylinders with different diameters. All these processings are possible thanks to our wide knowledge.


Separation between solids with different size, between fluids with different density, between solids and liquids: all these processes are possible thanks to filters.

This is a list of the most widespread applications: 

  • Grain aeration screens

  • sieves for ores

  • air and oil filters

  • support elements for acoustic insulation/stabilizing systems

  • covering for filters made of paper or other material with poor mechanical consistency

  • filtering pipes on wells

  • filters in seawater desalination plants

  • sugar, dairies, paper industry screens

  • filters in household appliances

  • filters for the division/regulation of fluids flows (pipes or nozzles)

  • distributors and mixers in chemical processes. 



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