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Graepel has an almost endless range of gratings. A large number of them are planned in close co-operation between Graepel and its customers, and then the gratings are quickly produced in our factory, which also includes an its own tooling division. 

Our organization and the unceasing technological development assure the outstanding quality and the newness of Graepel products.


Graepel produces gratings for over fifty years.

The extensive know-how allow the easy production of newer and newer gratings.

The combination punches-ribs determines gratings’ great sturdiness, accurate elegance and high passage of air – in addition to their protective effect. 

The reason of their inexpensiveness is that the gratings comes from an unique plate (and not from horizontal and vertical listels joined together with toilsome and complex systems).


Common or stainless steel, aluminium, brass. Thickness varies from 0.5 mm to 2 mm or more.


Dimensions may vary according to customers’ demands: gratings can be as small as a pocket calculator, or wide as the top of a desk. 

The height of the ribs varies from 2-3 mm up to 25 mm.


The most common applications of Graepel gratings are the following: 

  • protection of radiators on motorvehicles

  • cover on gas and oil stoves

  • air intakes/outlets on air conditioners and convectors

  • air intakes/outlets on ventilation, heating and conditioning systems

  • deflectors

  • loudspeakers

  • interior design, etc. 


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