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The family produces Graepel perforated sheets since 1889.

Today, the group of companies Graepel has 7 plants (two in Germany, three from Ireland and England, 1 in the USA and 1 in Italy) and seen as a whole, it is one of the most important producers in the world in the sector, with about 800 collaborators. All companies, independent of one another, are owned and directed by the different Families Graepel worldwide. Graepel Italian SpA of Sabbioneta - (MN) has a modern factory on an area of about 50,000 square meters, 16,000 of which covered, 20,000 of green area, 3200 parking spaces, 10,800 square meters of yards and roads and employs nearly 90 people.


The process essentially consists in the production of:

- Perforated plates,

- Perforated and embossed plates,

- Grills and grates,

- Small furniture and design furnishing furnishings.


7 drilling lines of the most modern in the world today, they reach speeds of up to 500 rounds for minute, power up to 500 tonnes and may puncture the maximum strip widths of 1500 mm in a single pass, with a thickness of 0.4 mm 5 mm on all metals and steels.

Complete the department of drilling presses, the only press in Italy capable of high speed punching sheets up to 2000 x 6000 mm, 15 mm thick for steel and various steels from standard to those high-strength and high-limit yield strength, and 20mm aluminum. Modern tooling equipped with a high-precision machines equipped with CNC park, covering the entire domestic needs of molds and is responsible for maintenance at low cost and quickly.

The availability of a wide range of dies allows to deliver in a timely sheets with special perforations, regular and / or irregular, also a circular shape, respecting filled areas alternate with perforated areas, tailored and characteristics required by customer. Thanks to modern machinery and numerical control, many are the possible workings well drilling: leveling, cutting to length, bending, stamping, resumed punching, welding, brazing, calendering, deburring ... To meet the commercial demands with very quick deliveries, the company has one of the most important warehouses of perforated plates from all over Europe, with over 30,000 sheets of various thicknesses and types of perforations always available.


The non-slip Graepel gratings for safety are used where space and pedestrian passages, stairs, inspection catwalks, lofts, warehouses, construction sites, plants, machinery, silos, tanks, etc., Sometimes for rain, snow, ice, oil, grease or dirt become slippery and dangerous. They are just some examples of the use of gratings Graepel admirably for solving the security problem.


The design sector which includes household products, home accessories and small furniture Steel was born in the 90s, and includes beautiful collaborations with unique characters. Marc Sadler, Pepe Tanzi, Pier Ugo Boffi, Giorgio Pizzitutti, Luciano Dalmonego, Umberto Maffezzoli, Luciano Morselli are first of all special people who have become friends over time.

Some of them are famous designers in Italy and in the world, others are perhaps more artists, painters, artisans, all linked by an extraordinary creative capacity and a common passion for the processing of materials in general and metals in particular. These Masters, with sensitivity and method they have taken by the hand and helped us to know our untapped employment potential and to broaden our horizons, teaching us to create new and unique items, the technical and aesthetic quality.

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