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Thanks to the modern perforation systems it is possible to place perforated sheets side by side so to give a homogeneous visual effect.

Fencings, banisters, internal, and external panelling, false-ceiling-coverings, sunshades,

sound-absorbing panels, decorative elements for facades and interiors restyling are only a few number of the several utilization of perforated sheets in building and construction. 

This wayit is possible to obtain several advantages: lightened structures, decorative elements, air passage, shielding and protective effect, etc..

Customer  and designer must constantly face several problems in the architectural area such as the always evolving technical demand, the esthetical impact, the economic realization. The use of perforated sheets gives the possibility to solve all these aspects.

Perforation of the sheets allows a lighter weight, filtering and diffusion of air, light and sound.

Moreover the shining effect of bright steel or the matted finish of brushed steel or aluminum gives a futuristic sense to the observer.

Achievements and examples 

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