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Appliance features
Unlike other producers, Graepel's gratings can be cut to lenght or molded to create passageways (for pipes, cables, etc.) without losing their firmness. 


Extreme in anti-slip effect, displacement space and drainage. This grating has become a classic for universal use on floor surfaces, walkways stairs and in steel construction. The dense perforation alternatively upwards and downwards allows the immediate discharge of any kind filth or liquid. 

Tondo 2S

The countersunk upwards circular perforation of most of the holes create a high-resistant anti-slipping surface. 
The downwards looking countersunk holes immediately discharge any kind of rubbish, water or other liquids, keeping the surface of the grating always clean.


These diamond embossed shapes gratings guarantee from one hand a high anti-slip effect and from the other hand don't let anything pass through.  

For this reason, these gratings should be cleaned from time to time.

Dimensions can slightly change due to technical and/or productive reasons. Other sizes/dimensions are available on request.

Suggestions for fixing / installation of Graepel’s anti-slip gratings.
Graepel developed a few accessories to make the installation of their gratings easier:

Increase of the weight capacity.

The distribution of the load on more pieces joined together sideways implies a considerable increase of the overall weight capacity. As a rule of thumb (based on light loads, i.e. people, bicycles, etc.) a screw every ~ 40/50 cm is enough; in case of three gratings joined together, the central one has a doubled weight capacity;  the reinforcing element placed between two gratings increases the weight capacity of more than 40%.

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